Online Menu | Friday, March 16th

    • Complete Meals

    • Chicken and Broccoli Alfredo


      Chicken with creamy parmesan sauce is topped with grated cheese, and served with garlic bread on the side. Meal also includes pasta du jour, and your choice of side salad or soup du jour.

    • St. Patrick's Day Fare

      St. Patrick's Day Fare


      This East Coast Classic contains corned beef, carrots, parsnips, cabbage, turnips and potatoes. Accompanied by horseradish and mustard.

    • Baked Haddock

      Baked Haddock


      Fresh haddock baked to a tender and moist finish, with a butter crumb topping. Garnished with lemon and parsley. Served with a classic seafood sauce. Accompanied by a choice of soup or salad, and potato and vegetable.

    • Fried Scallop Dinner

      Fried Scallop Dinner


      Fresh sea scallops are lightly breaded and fried to a golden brown. Served with house-made coleslaw.

    • Lighter Fare

    • Seafood Salad Roll


      Seafood salad on a white, wheat, or hamburger roll with lettuce and tomato. Serves with french fries and soup du jour.

    • Angus Beef Burger

      Angus Beef Burger


      A 4 oz. Angus beef patty is broiled to order and topped with melted cheese. Served with lettuce and tomato. Accompanied by french fries and soup du jour.

    • Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken

      Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken


      Fresh spinach and romaine lettuce is tossed lightly with Caesar dressing and seasoned croutons, then topped with slices of grilled chicken. Served with soup du jour.

Please inform your server if anyone in your party has a food allergy
Please note: a 6.25% Massachusetts meal tax will be added to your bill at the register.